1Waiver (previously Review, Sign and Go (RSG)) provides a full suite of tools for managing electronic waivers.  The 1Waiver solution functions across any browser and is also available as an iOS and Android app for the mobile device.

  • Eliminate paper and move to using tablets and other devices for waivers.
  • Enhanced document editor and ability to make required fields.
  • Functionality to capture a picture of Participant, with their approval or acknowledgment, of course!
  • Ability to provide public encrypted URL for Participants to complete anywhere.
  • Searching for Waivers is easy also, includes multiple criteria for results.
  • Customer waiver can be searched and attached to an Incident Report in Incident Tracking Module.
  • iOS and Android apps now available on Apple and Play stores.
  • KIOSK mode lets you lock down station and only allow certain waivers to be available.
  • Export data to Excel for marketing efforts.

1Waiver – Event Manager & Bundle Manager

1Waiver now includes 2  new Components that can be used in conjunction with 1Waiver Software.  Event Manager & Bundle Manager will allow operations to setup and manage Events or Groups, and also Bundle more than one waiver together in the Signing process. Therefore, allowing guests to more quickly and easily complete multiple waivers at once.

Features of Event Manager

  • Create an Event with a Single Waiver or Bundle of Waivers
  • Create an Event Name and Group Name along with Group Contact
  • Event Date/Time, Sign Up Start Date/Time, Sign Up Cut Off Date/Time
  • Estimated number of Participants, System will count Actual Number of Signed Waivers
  • Demographic Contact information of the Event/Group Leader
  • Reminder Notifications (Daily or Weekly)
  • Ability to View all Signed Waivers in the Event or Group
  • Exported to .PDF Event Summary Roster or Detail Report
  • Functionality to email the Waiver link to the Group of Participants

Features of Bundle Manager

  • Bundle Manager allows operations to “Bundle” 2 or more waivers together and distribute the guest demographic information from the first  waiver to the next in the bundle series. The only aspect that is required to be repeated on each concurrent waiver is the digital Initials and digital Signature.
  • The Bundle can be used in 1Waiver Standard Edition or in conjunction with Event Manager.