Incident Tracking / Reporting allows your operation to enter guest, patient or employee injury data in an advanced-browser technology based system.  Key features include:

  • Completely configurable data tabs and fields, allowing you to setup the system around your needs.
  • Provides for all of the data capture needed for an incident report: injured person, type of injury, treatment, GEO data, condition information, witness info and responder.
  • Digital Signature data capture of injured guest, responders and witnesses.
  • Multi-level workflow functionality for any incident.
  • Dashboards, Summary and Detail reports available.


Investigation Forms allows for complete customization for any additional detailed forms that are needed for any operation powered by 1RISK’s Checklist Engine Technology.

  • Functionality for the User to complete form or route the form to appropriate employee, user or group for completion of Investigation Form.
  • Ability to upload images via mobile device  folder from desktop computer.
  • Ability to attach other documents to report, such as .pdf, Excel, Word, txt, etc.
  • Functionality that allows for automatic waiver search and attachment to 1RISK’s waiver management system, Review Sign Go™.


Checklist is designed for any type of data collection and reporting that happens on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.  All the information is configured to push to a series of dashboard reports that can be customized to your specific reporting needs.

  • Allowance for unlimited checklists across any device, mobile or desktop.
  • GEO location tracking.
  • Perform checklists offline in remote locations, then sync back to system.
  • Data Notifications are configured for alerts and event reminders to a specific user group or all of the user network.
  • Export reports to a Excel, CSV, or other file.


1RISK’s Park Suite of tools – Park Manager & Park Builder – allows managers to control and view every operation of their Terrain, Bike, and Adventure Parks.

Park Manager is used for tracking configuration and daily operations of ski resort terrain parks, water parks, bike parks, aerial/adventure parks, skate parks, and water sports businesses.  It is designed with the flexibility in mind to provide all of the information needed for managing a daily park operation. Park Manager can be configured to host one specific park or multiple parks under one operation.

  • 4 Season Park Operations
  • Map all of the features on a Google Map of the Trail or Park
  • Feature Notebooks allows you to record all of the details of each park feature
  • Create custom logging for activities, time spans, detailed notes, crew, conditions and images
  • All records/logs can be printed in detail and can include historical park layouts
  • Park data integrates into Incident Tracking tools in real time
  • Reporting dashboard that includes daily, weekly, monthly activity


Park Builder allows operations to record a consistent set of processes and procedures that encompasses a comprehensive audit of all build activities from Initial Concept to Opening. It can be utilized across many operations, whether you are building a Park or a Feature.

  • Quick access to all current and historical build data
  • Current Build Status indicators,  all Users will know current build status
  • Customize build Milestones specific to park/feature types for your operations
    • Signature control for Milestone completion
    • Create Alerts and Notifications for Milestone completion
    • Milestone Notes and comments are recorded
    • Documents and Images can be saved per Milestone
  • Document staff and equipment
    • Estimate time and material costs
    • Actual time and material costs for real time differentials
    • Improve estimates by having historical data
  • Chart your builds
  • Export a complete Park Build report as a PDF

1Waiver (previously Review, Sign and Go (RSG)) provides a full suite of tools for managing electronic waivers.  The 1Waiver solution functions across most supported browsers and is also available as an iOS and Android app for the mobile device.

  • Eliminate paper and move to using tablets and other devices for waivers.
  • Enhanced document editor and ability to make required fields.
  • Functionality to capture a picture of Participant, with their approval or acknowledgment, of course!
  • Ability to provide public encrypted URL for Participants to complete anywhere.
  • Searching for Waivers is easy also, includes multiple criteria for results.
  • Customer waiver can be searched and attached to an Incident Report in Incident Tracking Module.
  • iOS and Android apps now available on Apple and Google Play stores.
  • KIOSK mode lets you lock down station and only allow certain waivers to be available.
  • Export data to Excel for marketing efforts.


1Waiver – Event Manager & Bundle Manager – NEW!!!

1Waiver now includes 2 new Components that can be used in conjunction with 1Waiver Software.  Event Manager & Bundle Manager will allow operations to setup and manage Events or Groups, and also Bundle more than one waiver together in the Signing process. Therefore, allowing guests to more quickly and easily complete multiple waivers at once.

Features of Event Manager

  • Create an Event with a Single Waiver or Bundle of Waivers
  • Create an Event Name and Group Name along with Group Contact
  • Event Date/Time, Sign Up Start Date/Time, Sign Up Cut Off Date/Time
  • Estimated number of Participants, System will count Actual Number of Signed Waivers
  • Demographic Contact information of the Event/Group Leader
  • Reminder Notifications (Daily or Weekly)
  • Ability to View all Signed Waivers in the Event or Group
  • Exported to .PDF Event Summary Roster or Detail Report
  • Functionality to email the Waiver link to the Group of Participants

Features of Bundle Manager

  • Bundle Manager allows operations to “Bundle” 2 or more waivers together and distribute the guest demographic information from the first  waiver to the next in the bundle series. The only aspect that is required to be repeated on each concurrent waiver is the digital Initials and digital Signature.
  • The Bundle can be used in 1Waiver Standard Edition or in conjunction with Event Manager.

Dispatch keeps track of accidents and other first-responder type of events at your resort, mountain, or park operation.  It includes high end touch-screen functionality to allow users to use hands free operation when performing and creating dispatch information.

  • Configurable scenarios, events and resources to mirror first-responder operation.
  • Multi-user environment with “Screen Sync Technology.”
  • Dispatch queue to allow for the creation of any type of dispatch record.
  • Complete integration with Incident Tracking and premise locations.
  • Functionality for Lift Dispatch Management, Trail Open/Close and surface conditions and Avalanche Control Management.
  • Detailed and advanced reporting & analytic, allowing your operation get a good bead on response times.
  • Everything can be pin pointed on a map.
  • Includes customization Dashboard information.
  • Includes the ability for the Dispatch system to provide operations with {live} updates and feeds to their website and mobile based apps.


The 1Groomer app was designed and developed to assign, track and report on grooming tasks.  This will allow operations to more accurately coordinate task lists between Ski Patrol, Ski & Ride School and Risk Management departments with Mountain Operations & Grooming Operations.  Task lists can be created, assigned and then responded to accordingly.

1RISK’s Lift Operator Logger (LOL) native application was developed to eliminate paper and clipboards at the Lift Stations and provide better analytics of Lift Operators and Stops. Operators track Lift Operator’s Time-In and Time-Out at lift stations. Operators also track the Start-Time and Stop-Time and stoppage reason for the lift they are stationed at. All information is stored on the device and syncs to your 1RISK api when it has Carrier or Wifi service.

Requires a 1RISK business subscription. Contact your Risk Manager for connection/authentication information for your business.

android-ss-acct android-ss-ctrl android-ss-note android-ss-op Reports

The Admin Console is the heart of the configuration of all of our software. This allows you to setup and configure all of your preferences of the system.

  • You can configure all of your Preferences, Logo, Resort Default Pin and all of your Premise Locations.
  • All of the User Management includes Accounts, Staff, Groups and Roles.
  • Configuration of all of the Lookup data including Custom data for any Investigation Form or Checklist.
  • Management of the Dispatch configuration.
  • All of the settings for Incident Tracking and Investigation, Workflows and Rules.
  • Waiver Management setup.
  • Park Manager config and detail.