The main module of the 1RISK | RMS, the incident tracking system, incorporates all aspects of a risk based incident. This data set includes detailed patient data, detailed hill (or area) data, equipment data, detailed injury data, and witness data.


By importing data from other resort systems including; point-of-sale, rental , and lesson systems, clients can gather a holistic view of risks within their total operation. In the past this often results in noticing trends that may otherwise be hard to identify.


The system can export data to excel or any of the common formats used with other programs, allowing easy connection to other programs and applications used throughout the industry.


By integrating with google maps technology, 1RISK provides pin placement via GPS to show where incidents take place on a map of the adventure park or mountain.

Mobile Friendly Technology

1RISK | Risk Management Solutions is built around modern mobile technology. Whether using a tablet or a phone, users can input data into the system and see real-time information via the system reports. To fully realize all the reporting features, we recommend a tablet based on its screen size. But, mobile phone (both Android and iOS based) are also supported by the system. In addition, each module can also be accessed via a desktop computer with an internet connection.

Built from the ground up to be mobile friendly.

Supports Tablets, Mobile Phones, and Desktop connections.

System access available from any internet connection.

1RISK | Risk Management System Modules